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A personal note from Sissy.

My books are littered with inflections and events inspired by life in the biker community. My goal is to entertain riders and readers alike with non-traditional  offerings unlike the 'cookie cutter' books where the names have changed but the story has been re-hashed and re-served a thousand times over. In the books you will discover further down the page, the focus is never on the outlaw clubs, although I admit they are more often than not a necessary evil. My stories are about bikers who for whatever their personal reason build a non-traditional club. A perfect example of what I'm saying can be found in my first series, 'A Biker Saga', (which by the way, has now been abridged into a single book 'A Biker Saga; The Novel'. This was done for those who prefer less detail and more dialog/action. In the future you can expect to see a prequel which will expound on the Original Four Members; Slider, Mo, Rage and Griff,  including the early days of the GGS.

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Imagine a castle... occupied by bikers. Now toss in two lovers, with a splash of deceit. Add a title, three jesters, and a fortress full of loyal characters. Mix with equal parts madman, power, and cold revenge. Slowly stir in a war, a political takeover, a host of faeries, one familiar wizard, and a dash of fiery dragon. Boil until greenish mist appears, simmer before reading.

Recipe yields: One Epic Biker Tale.

NOTE: 'A Biker Saga: The Novel' is the abridged edition of the combined trilogy series; 'A Biker Saga' This novel includes all three titles in the series; GGS, Switzerland, and Fact & Folklore, all in one book! 





As one reader put it, this is not your typical MC, it's grown-up MC. 



Stax and Strangler must discover a way to save themselves, their Motorcycle Club and their chosen way of life. With the help of three worldly veterans they work to solve the mystery of who is targeting the biker community and why.
When they met the attraction was undeniable. Not even her protective father could deny Stax what she wanted. But when his accidental death ushers in an unprovoked war on bikers, their days of peace are shattered. Determined to survive and find a way to end the war, they set out to discover who is behind the attacks. What they discover about themselves in the process could divide their family and cost Stax and Strangler their lives.

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(Adult Situations, Explicit language, Otherworldly Possibilities.) 

NOTE: 'A Biker Saga: The Novel' is the abridged edition of  'A Biker Saga', including all three books; GGS, Swizterland and Fact and Folklore.

Author Pamela Murdaugh-Smith, inspired by life experience in the biker community, is the author of this fantasy thriller. 'A Biker Saga: The Novel' filled with epic characters who will draw you into a fantastic world of Good Gaelic Souls who ride, live, and love by their own rules.



As the Saga Continues and outlaw bikers arrive, the danger deepens and stress wreaks havoc within the clubhouse.


After the initial shakedown by the UC, they discover each Club in the state has a member being held hostage. Not all Clubs are strong enough to make a stand. Some have fallen, forced to join the UC, and those strong enough, lack the necessary resources to win the war. As outlaw bikers converge on the GGS Clubhouse, war breaks out and personal agendas interfere with strategy. Secrets are revealed, undermining the only chance any of them have to ride out of there alive!

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Anna Duncan is a big beautiful woman living a small ordinary life trying to disguise the truth about who she is. She doesn't actively search for love, but she does hope that one day someone will see passed her physical flaws and her father's money.

Chase Chandler is a man who follows instinct, but the last time he did so he ended up in prison. Now burdened by a criminal record which made him an outcast in the medical field, he has been forced to reinvent himself.

When the two meet the attraction is instant until a simple misunderstanding sends Anna running, setting off a chain of events which will ultimately expose them both for who and what they really are.

A Big Beautiful Woman, stand-alone, MC Romance Novella
(Contains language which may be considered offensive to some)

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Stax has a decision to make. Take over the club and lead her people to battle, abandon all she's ever known to save her man, or embrace the strange enchanting visions she's been having of late.

This is the final book in the trilogy, A Biker Saga
(explicit language, adult situations)


$ 0.99




Ever wonder what a biker is thinking at any given moment?

As you head into the wind with five unique bikers, you find yourself privy to their innermost thoughts as they prepare to take their next ride. Discover what urges each one further down the road in five short stories that make up this enlightening biker anthology.


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Make yourself at home, there is a menu at the top of the page to help you navigate the site pages. This website is still in its infancy, so thank you for understanding as I put most of my time in writing and editing so I can offer you quality books with emotion packed stories!

Our Family Motto:

If you surround yourself with Good Souls; You will never be Alone, You will always be Loved, and you can get through Anything!



Below you will find my MC Romance Erotica series...If you consider yourself a prude, are easily offended, prefer to simply lay back and think of mother England, insist only on the missionary position, or simply just not that into sex,  be advised it gets pretty hot down there. It would be wise if you were to TURN BACK NOW !

You've been warned :)-

HOWEVER...If you like to read with one hand free....You have just found the portal to your 'Happy Place'...Carry on!

Brenna's Captain

(Book one of the Brenna Series)

What happens when a strong woman with tendencies meets a sadistic bad-boy biker? A dark story happens, one that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of intense personal emotions. Brenna takes the secret desire to be 'taken' to a new level and beyond! I encourage you to read the sample chapter as it will give you a glimpse
of what lies ahead...only...and please keep this in mind...that is just the beginning of Brenna's story! You may not believe what happens next! Be advised, this is not your traditional love story. However if like Brenna, you decide to ride it out you may be pleasantly surprised!
Please Note: There will be no roses, candies, love songs, heart shaped love notes or sweet talkers. However, there will definitely be fear, indecision, confusion, wanting, surprises and all kinds of unexpected pleasures and pains! You may even find yourself upset, intrigued, angry, worried, excited and quite possibly left wanting more!

(WARNING: Not at all appropriate for sensitive readers, please police yourself appropriately. This is a work of fiction, a place where we can hover over the dark side of humanity and yet still be safe. If you choose to read this series, please leave your angst behind and simply enjoy the story as it unfolds.)       

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As Brenna takes control and begins to change the way the kinky motorcycle club treats women, she finds that the new girls she is recruiting are in competition for her favors. Captain has become obsessed, Tessa is teetering on the edge and Grudge is out for revenge!

This is book 2 in the progressive story 'The Brenna' series'

Please Note: There will be no roses, candies, love songs, heart shaped love notes or sweet talkers. There will definitely be fear, indecision, confusion, wanting, surprises and all kinds of unexpected pleasures and pains!
You may also find yourself intrigued, worried, excited and quite possibly wanting more!
(WARNING: Not at all appropriate for sensitive readers, please police yourself appropriately)

BOOK THREE 'BRENNA'S CLUB' to be released in 2015

LINK TO AMAZON:  http://a.co/7w0JJGU

Club Kink is a success and Brenna is looking to expand. While searching for the perfect location she unknowingly opens the door to Captain's unspoken past. The skeletons in his closet begin to rattle and demand revenge. 

Before the kinky couple can discern exactly what the threat entails, a shadowy figure from Brenna's own past lurks in the shadows working on his own twisted agenda.

(adult situations, dark erotica, explicit language. Police yourself accordingly)

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